Must Save Jane is a UK based music collective specialising in premium quality trailer music cues.

We’re a team of composers, producers and engineers active from four corner of the Globe. And under Jane’s rule are out to rescue the world of motion picture advertising.

With a roster boasting the most gifted and innovative music minds we satisfy all composition and production needs via our constantly evolving library of jaw dropping music cues.

From sound design tool kits to epic adventure cues in movies such as Rush to Rise Of The Guardians our remit is to bring new genre defining styles to trailer-friendly edits with sounds ranging from modern ethereal to orchestral hybrid.

Blurring the creative lines the focus is to remain one step ahead of the competition. The growth of the trailer cues market on both sides of the pond dictates that we pull on our experiences to redefine the trailer cue benchmark. Bigger, higher, better and more epic!

Now with a new sub publisher/US partner in APM, we’re setting out to define and dictate the sort of content we know our editors and producers now demand.

With 20 plus years of experience across the team and a roster of talent including hit recording artists and award winning producers, we’re your go-to team of musical specialists!